While your admission to Achievers College of Professionals is competitive; admissions personnel vigorously support equality of opportunity despite your background, colour, gender or religion.

The four main faculties that you can join under are below. You can click on any to get more information.

Application to the College

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs - Click on plus sign to reveal more)

When are the Intakes?

Our College intakes are in January, May and September. Feel free to call us if you want to make more enquiries.

Do you offer career advice?

Career advice is offered to all our students. It’s a continuous process from when one joins to when they finish.

What are the examination bodies for your courses?

We strive to ensure that you get a certification that is recognized and thus we have partnered with KNEC, KASNEB, ICM, ABE, CSK, ICDL, CISCO, HRMPEB and our own internal exams.