About Us

Achievers College of Professionals was started by Mr. John Mukundi Zachary after he saw the dire need for quality training that was lacking.

With a passion and desire to improve lives and empower individuals, Mr. Mukundi has year by year brought to life strategic collaborations and well-researched high value certification courses.

The College was launched on March 1, 2005 and has seen gradual growth from one-room premises of 20 students to having more than one branch serving 300 students and above. We attribute this to our belief to constantly deliver on our promise of giving value to those who enroll with us. They have then in turn recommended us highly to their peers, children, relatives and colleagues.

Mr. Mukundi, the college director, is assisted by a team of more than 25 highly qualified professionals in giving you the required edge in this modern fast paced world where only the strong manage to keep their head above the water of economic down times.

The team that you will meet at Achievers College when you are with us are all routing for your growth, with the chief aim of ensuring that you not only keep your head above the water but most definitely rise above the water.

We have now made it easy to gift yourself with a recognized certificate, diploma or greatly marketable skillset.