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Do you see yourself as a person deserving good things in life? You can agree with me that the world has become a tough and highly competitive place that requires you to have some level of professional skills. The far you rise is now determined by how much you know.

The best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is growing yourself and them professionally. This will see you or your loved ones enjoy some personal benefits.

A great many benefits will certainly locate you for just building up your skills and qualifications. It is in regard to empowering you to have the best that life has to offer that Achievers College of Professionals has partnered with high value professional bodies like ABE, ICM, KASNEB, KNEC, St. Paul’s University, CISCO and our own well-researched high value in-house certifications to bring to you this chance of growing yourself or your loved ones.

The late Jim Rohn, an American Multimillionaire, used to say “Successful people invest in themselves”

You will find on this website, all the basic necessary information on how best you can grow yourself and also gain that unfair advantage over your peers by acquiring your certifications and skills from Achievers College.

We mean it when we say “we raise manpower” and are eager to have you with us on your journey to stardom, influence, increased income and better chances in life.

A Quick Overview About Us

John Mukundi Zachary

I welcome you to our prestigious college. It is a college built on values of professionalism and value creation. Our key focus is to empower you to be the best version of yourself so that you can be competitively positioned for better opportunities in life.

We are a registered college by the Ministry of Education having qualified and experienced staff. Our strategic partnerships with established professional bodies is our guarantee to you that what you receive is recognized wherever you go.

Feel most welcome as you keep growing yourself.

We have served over 4,000 students since we begun operations.

We are located in Embu.

We offer Certificate and Diploma courses.

We have partnered with highly recognized professional bodies to bring you the best.

Our intakes are in January, May and September

We offer bursary sponsorship to necessary cases.